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Zebra Succulent, XS or Small

Zebra Succulent, XS or Small

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This snazzy little succulent is a popular choice for terrariums, first-time plant parents, or those in tight spaces. It’s easy to understand why: it’s chic and so easy to care for, we dare say it thrives on neglect. All the Zebra succulent needs is a little space near a lot of direct sunlight and it will keep your air a little cleaner and your space a little greener for years to come.

The Zebra plant is slow-growing, meaning it will rarely if ever need re-potting and really doesn’t need a lot of water at all. If you’re looking for a plant for a more absent-minded plant parent, or someone who travels a lot for work, this is an excellent choice.

Care Level: 1 - Independent, doesn't need a lot of attention.

Likes: Bright light, dry well-draining soil.

Dislikes: Low light, overwatering.

Watering Frequency: Every 7-10 days, less in winter.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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