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Zebra 'Aphelandra,' Small or Medium

Zebra 'Aphelandra,' Small or Medium

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Zebra Plants are perfect houseplants for mid-century modern and/or color lovers. Their eye-catching architectural green-and-white leaves are a perfect pop of color for any space, and in optimal environments, bright yellow bracts resembling flowers will bloom from the center of the plant.

Zebra plants are easy to propagate with stem cuttings, but be conscious of who you gift them to, as they’re more high-maintenance than average houseplants. Zebra plants are not low-light tolerant and require humidity to really thrive.

Care Level: 3 - Likes attention, will help you grow your skills.

Likes: Bright indirect light, humidity, consistently moist soil.

Dislikes: Low light, dry soil, wet roots/overwatering.

Watering Frequency: Every 7-10 days, when soil is 25-50% dry.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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