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String of Hearts, Medium

String of Hearts, Medium

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The String of Hearts is an especially great hanging plant for new and/or absentminded plant parents, as it can go a long time between waterings. Well-draining soil is a must for this dainty beauty, and it prefers bright, dappled/filtered light.

Prune your String of Hearts regularly to encourage bushier growth of its unique heart-shaped leaves; avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or letting it stand in water. 

Care Level: 2 - Easygoing, a good match if you're still a newbie.

Likes: Bright light, cactus or succulent soil, regular pruning.

Dislikes: Overwatering, lower light conditions, exposure to cold. 

Watering Frequency: Every 10-14 days, less in winter.

Size: ~5-6" long and a 6" pot.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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