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Peperomia 'Rosso', Small or Medium

Peperomia 'Rosso', Small or Medium

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Peperomia Rossos are also sometimes called Ripple Peperomias, likely after their unique, pointed leaves with deep grooves and flirty red undersides. Keep your Rosso in a room that gets consistent filtered light, and offer it a little extra humidity to really see it thrive.

These Peperomias are fussier than Ginnys or Red Edge Peperomias; take great care not to overwater them, and avoid tap water for best results.

Care Level: 2 - Easygoing, a good match if you're still a newbie.

Likes: Medium indirect light, well-draining pot and soil, humidity.

Dislikes: Overwatering, direct sunlight, low light.

Watering Frequency: Every 7-10 days, less in winter.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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