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Peperomia 'Ginny', XS, Small, or Medium

Peperomia 'Ginny', XS, Small, or Medium

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The Peperomia Ginny is a new variety of Peperomia that has rose-colored edges around its leaves. The Ginny is hardy and adaptable to most environments that offer medium to bright indirect light.

They need weekly watering in spring and summer and bi-weekly watering in cooler months, and as long as you take care not to overwater them, these cheery beauties will bring a unique splash of color to your plant collection for years to come.

Care Level: 1 - Independent, doesn't need a lot of attention. 

Likes: Bright indirect light, well-draining soil.

Dislikes: Direct afternoon sun.

Watering FrequencyEvery 7-10 days.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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