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Exotic Orb Hanging Planter

Exotic Orb Hanging Planter

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With or Without Drainage

*Please note this is made to order.*

The exotic Hanging Orb Urchin Planter with spiked edges is giving one-of-a-kind decor you WILL NOT find anywhere else. Maximalist decor at its finest, the unique shape of this 3D-printed planter is sure to stand out. It is lightweight, includes drainage holes, and hangs from any hook.

Great as an indoor planter or on a shaded patio. Be careful with direct sunlight for long periods as colors may fade.

5" planter fits a small 4" plant
7" planter fits a medium 6" plant

Matte Colors: Black, White, Beige, Terracotta, Green, Mustard
Silks: Gold, Silver, Copper
Marble: Stone-like
Rainbow: Will have unique color variations
Crystal: Clear and a house favorite!

These planters are 3D printed with PLA - a type of thermoplastic polymer derived from upcycled materials like corn, beets, and wheat grass. PLA is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable!

3D printed planters are a great addition for your plant. The material is porous, allowing for great breathability and aeration. PLA is also very strong and sturdy; sudden bumps or falls will not harm these planters.

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