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Calathea 'Rattlesnake', Large

Calathea 'Rattlesnake', Large

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With perky spotted leaves that help it stand out from the crowd, the Calathea Rattlesnake makes a great first Calathea plant. Like all Calatheas, these beauties thrive with added humidity, but a Rattlesnake can adapt to normal household humidity levels and tolerate longer periods between watering than many of its relatives.

Care Level: 3 - Likes attention, will help you grow your skills.

Likes: Indirect light, humidity, well-draining soil.

Dislikes: Direct sunlight, drafts/air vents, tap water.

Watering Frequency: Every 7-10 days.

Size: ~20-25" tall and an 8" pot.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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