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Calathea 'Pinstripe', Medium

Calathea 'Pinstripe', Medium

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The Calathea Pinstripe is also called the calathea ornata for good reason: they’re some of the most gorgeous houseplants out there. And they know it. If their environment isn’t just so, the Pinstripe’s beautiful leaves will fade and get crispy edges.

Calathea Pinstripes need a lot of humidity, soil that’s well-draining but never dry, and bottled, distilled, or filtered water only – they know they’re too pretty for tap.

Care Level: 4 - Needs extra TLC, previous experience recommended.

Likes: Medium to bright indirect light, humidity, evenly damp soil.

Dislikes: Direct sunlight, tap water, dry air, drafts/vents.

Watering Frequency: Every 5-7 days.

Size: ~18" tall and a 6" pot.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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