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Calathea Concinna 'Freddie', Small or Medium

Calathea Concinna 'Freddie', Small or Medium

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Calathea Concinnas, more commonly known as Freddies, are distinguishable by the unique shades of green in their soft leaves; they have a brighter, more neon hue than many of their Calathea cousins.

Keep your Freddie in a humid environment and away from direct sunlight to help it thrive, and spray or wipe its leaves down regularly to keep pests at bay.

Care Level: 4 - Needs extra TLC, previous experience recommended.

Likes: Indirect light, humidity, consistently damp soil.

Dislikes: Direct light, low light, tap water, drafts/vents.

Watering FrequencyEvery 5-7 days.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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