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Bird’s Nest 'Leslie' Fern, Small or Medium

Bird’s Nest 'Leslie' Fern, Small or Medium

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Leslies are distinguishable by their unique leaf shape, ending in a crinkly flutter that almost looks like a lettuce leaf. Bird’s Nest Ferns are hardier and lower-maintenance than many other ferns; they can adapt to normal household humidity levels, easily adding a chic touch of air-purifying greenery to kitchens or bathrooms.

Care Level: 2 - Easygoing, a good match if you're still a newbie.

Likes: Medium indirect light, well-draining consistently damp soil, humidity.

Dislikes: Direct light, overwatering, wet crown (center of plant).

Watering Frequency: Every 5-7 days, less in winter.

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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