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Art Deco Propagation Station

Art Deco Propagation Station

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This original design is inspired by the infamous Isobell shelf, and pairs great with any minimalist modern decor. Use these with your propagation cuttings or fresh flowers. Creative hydroponic cultivation, clean and clear, while seeing continuous growth of plant roots. Also great for bath salts, kitchen seasonings, etc!

Length - 9.6 Inches
Width - 2.5 Inches
Height - 6.8 Inches

Includes 4 glass tubes ~ approximately 25mm x 155mm

Each stand is hand designed and 3D printed with PLA - a type of thermoplastic polymer derived from upcycled materials like corn, beets, and wheat grass. PLA is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable!

Multiple colors to choose from! The rainbow/ombre option will have slight variations in each print. Colors have a matte finish, except for copper, gold and silver, which have a metallic-like sheen. Crystal is mostly transparent and shows off the inner workings of the 3D-printed item.

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