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Baby Rubber Plant, Medium

Baby Rubber Plant, Medium

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The Peperomia, also known as a Rubber Plant, is a low-maintenance, extremely popular houseplant that comes in a lot of varieties. Peperomias like the Rubber Plant are semi-succulents: their elegant emerald-shaped leaves actually retain water, so they like to fully dry out between waterings.

With well-draining soil and indirect light, your Rubber Plant will grow bushy enough to prune, creating perfect little stems for propagating.

Care Level: 1 - Independent, doesn't need a lot of attention. 

Likes: Medium to bright indirect light, well-draining soil.

Dislikes: Direct sunlight, low light, overwatering.

Watering Frequency: Once every 7-10 days, less in winter.

Size: ~12-18" tall and a 6" pot

Not eligible for return. *Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.*

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