Hanging Air Plants: The Perfect Greenery for Small Spaces

If you’re a maximalist kind of plant parent working with a minimal amount of space, hanging air plants are a great way to add low-maintenance, pet-friendly splashes of green to your home that don’t take up precious table, counter, or floor space.

These chic crowd-pleasers don’t even need soil to survive, making them incredibly easy to care for. In this post, we’ll go over different ways to hang air plants in your home that will add a unique touch to your decor and help the plants continue to thrive.

Why Air Plants Are A Good Choice

Air plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some even offering pops of bright color. And for some curious pets, they look good enough to eat. Fortunately, air plants are non-toxic to pets, so you can use them to decorate your space without worrying about what trouble your furry loved ones will get themselves into. 

One of our favorite things about air plants is how many ways they can be incorporated into your decor. Because they don’t need soil, air plants can be hung in a variety of ways to complement every type of aesthetic. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate with air plants: 

Novelty Hanging Planters

Because air plants don’t need soil and are so easy to water and keep clean, there’s a lot of fun to be had with specialty plant hangers made just for air plants. Some of our favorites are our animal air planters, like this cute little squid, that are ethically made from coconut coir, a natural material that allows a good flow of oxygen around your air plant. 

For a totally different look, our Disco Air Plant Hangers keep your air plants safe and snug while bringing major late-90s-delia*s-catalog energy. We especially love these for high school or college graduation gifts; they’re a unique, low-maintenance way to decorate a dorm or busy twentysomething apartment. 

Macrame Wall Hangers

Macrame wall hangers are a fantastic way to show off your air plants. Macrame is an art form in and of itself; the placement of knots and patterns creates different pockets in which to display your plants. Some macrame plant hangers are big enough to hold more than one plant, offering fun opportunities to play with texture using different types of air plants. 

You can find macrame hangers in lots of different designs and colors, so it's easy to find one that fits your style. We love this Hanging Trinity Planter for sets of air plants. You can tuck them in your choice of small plant pot, without soil, and put the pots into their macarame holsters. Or you can place the plants directly into the hanger for a more natural look.

Most macarame wall hangers can be used for all different kinds of plants, but there are some specially designed for air plants that include a little 1" pot to ensure the air plant fits snug as a bug. Our favorite is this Disco Ball Air Plant Hanger.


Mounting air plants onto a wooden frame creates a statement piece that brings a touch of nature to your home, and it’s a great and unexpected way to add some texture to a gallery wall. You can either find or thrift a frame that’s already made, or, if you’re DIY-inclined, you can even make your own! We recommend using reclaimed wood to be extra sustainable. 

Once you’ve found your perfect frame, the next step is to stretch some fishing wire or other netted material across the frame to form a grid. This grid serves as the base where you’ll place your air plants; using a holey, mesh-type material allows for good air circulation, which is crucial to the health of the plant. 

Another popular and stylish way to use wood to display air plants is by attaching the plants to reclaimed driftwood and mounting or hanging the driftwood. We love using this method to add texture and dimension to any wall.


If you’ve decided to make table space for your air plants, we love options like our Geode Planters that double as a display crystal: they’re a great way to add an energetically harmonizing, decorative touch to a small space. If you already have large crystals on display at home, you can always mount air plants directly onto the existing crystals in your space to add additional texture and color. 

As long as air plants get a consistent flow of oxygen and a regular thorough misting, they’ll grow in many different settings and help you add unexpected touches of nature to your home. We love a DIY day as much as anybody else, but if you're looking for something already crafted by talented artists, check out our selection of Air Plant Holders to get started on your Air Plant journey! 

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